Benefits of Aluminium

Modern life is full of advantages brought about by the use of aluminium. The major benefits of this unique metal are:


Pure aluminium is soft enough to carve, but when mixed with small amounts of other metals to form alloys, it can provide the strength of steel with only one-third of the weight. Without aluminium, there would be no commercial air travel.



Aluminium sprayed on a polymer forms a thin insulating sheet that can keep a newborn baby warm or save the life of someone on an exposed mountaintop.



Its combination of properties ensures aluminium and its alloys can be easily shaped by any of the main industrial metalworking processes – rolling, extrusion, forging, and casting.



Aluminium has an excellent barrier function which makes it ideal for food and drink packaging and containers. It keeps out air, light, and microorganisms while preserving the contents inside.



Aluminium used in transportation reduces the weight of the vehicles, thus providing fuel efficiency and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.



The metal's natural coating of aluminium oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture, and chemical attack, making aluminium a useful construction material.



Once made, aluminium can be recycled again and again, using only a very small fraction of the energy required to make ‘new’ metal. Recycling saves about 95% of the energy required for primary production.



Aluminium is a superb conductor of electricity which has seen it replace copper in many electrical applications. It is also non-magnetic and non-combustible, properties invaluable in advanced industries such as electronics or in offshore structures.