To be the first name branded on everyone’s mind when they think of upstream and downstream aluminium – this is the vision Press Metal was founded upon 30 years ago.

The brainchild of the Koon brothers, Press Metal began as a local aluminium extrusion company in 1986. Today, Press Metal is a world-class producer of aluminium used by technology giants, high-speed train makers, innovative product designers, and household food and beverage brands; with markets and operations in Malaysia, South East Asia, China, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

Our vision is our inspiration, but our beliefs are in our guiding principles of Business Acumen, Quality Excellence, Global Outlook, Focused Teamwork and Social Responsibility. Press Metal’s 30th Anniversary is an achievement cast in aluminium but moulded by vision and belief.


A business plan is worthless if it isn’t augmented by business acumen. It is this forward thinking that guided us to become a public-listed corporation in 1993, a mere seven years after our founding; venture into China in 2005; and move upstream into aluminium smelting in 2007 – effectively transforming Press Metal into the largest aluminium producer in South East Asia today.


Excellence is the only criteria we recognize at Press Metal. From our upstream and downstream products, to the quality systems and processes we have installed in every plant, to the motivation of our employees – excellence drives every aspect of our operations.


We believe business should not be limited by nationality or geography, but only by our own potential and ambition. Press Metal may be Malaysian-based, but we are global in our markets, operations, systems, standards and people.


Teamwork unites and drives the many different companies, departments and people at Press Metal. From the board of directors to the management and staff to our partners, we work together as one team with the same focus – to make Press Metal the leading brand name in aluminium.


At Press Metal, our sense of duty to society is a commitment we keep close to our hearts. We are mindful of our responsibilities towards our employees, stakeholders and community, as well as the environment, in order to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial growth.